Compare Cruise Ship Insurance

Compare Cruise Ship Insurance

When planning any type of vacation with your family, the last thing you want to think about is trouble or any type of cancellation.  Cruise and travel insurance is often left on the back burner.  However, when the time comes to purchase your cruise insurance, be sure that you compare the cruise and travel insurance companies’ policies to ensure that you are getting what you expect.  As always, it’s “buyer beware”! and most of the times you get what you pay for.

Medjet Internet Only DiscountThat’s not to say that all insurance policies and companies are out to deceive you. Most of these companies are very reputable.  The problem however becomes trying to save your money while buying the insurance itself.  You really do “get what you pay for” in most cases – especially when you compare insurance policies.

There are often so many variables when purchasing cruise insurance or travel insurance that we can become somewhat complacent with what we are purchasing.  Make sure you know what’s available and what’s included in your insurance policy package.  For example, the insurance companies Travel Guard International, which is America’s largest provider of travel insurance offers a wide range of benefits with their Comprehensive Coverage. Included in Travel Guard’s packages are the following benefits:

· Trip Cancellation – Providing reimbursement of 100% of trip cost if the trip is cancelled under the terms of the insurance policy. · Trip interruption – Providing reimbursement of trip cost if the trip is interrupted as covered by the insurance policy such as evacuation due to hurricane. · Trip Delay – Providing reimbursement for additional accommodations or travel expenses if the traveler is delayed for more than several hours. · Lost, Stolen or Damaged Baggage and travel documents – Providing reimbursements if luggage is lost, damaged or stolen while the insured is traveling, or if travel documents are lost or stolen. · Baggage Delay – Providing reimbursement for the purchase of essential items if your bags are delayed more than 24 hours. · Medical Expenses – Providing reimbursement for necessary medical expenses up to one year after the illness or injury providing the insured traveler sought medical treatment while on the trip. · Emergency Medical Transportation – Covering the cost of evacuation and transportation to the nearest adequate medical facility. · Travel Guard Assistance – A 24 hour hotline for emergency assistance, medical referrals, prescription replacement assistance, replacing travel documents and more. · Livetravel – Travel Guard’s round the clock travel agent service for emergency or last minute travel changes such as rebooking flights, arranging hotels and ground transportation and tracking lost luggage. · Concierge – 24 hour worldwide access to restaurant referrals/reservations, event tickets, tee times, floral services, ground transportation and more.

The package above describes a comprehensive cruise or travel insurance policy.  However, this package might cost too much for you.  You need to match your coverage requirements as well as keep your budget in mind.  Again, using Travel Guard International as an example, some of their popular products include:

· Cruise, Tour and Travel – Travel Guard’s most comprehensive travel insurance plan.

· ProtectAssist – Solid travel insurance for the budget-conscious traveler – and Travel Guard’s most popular plan.

· Cruise Guard – Travel insurance designed to surpass the protection plans offered by the cruise line.

· Air Ticket Protection – Protects air ticket investment against change fees, adds other assistance services.

· Student Travel Guard – A portfolio of student travel insurance plans protecting students on virtually all types from Spring Break to Semester Abroad.

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Travel Insurance Providers:

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We hope this article helps explain what cruise ship insurance is. Now that you have some info on cruise ship insurance, you just have to pick where you want to go, pick your cruise ship, find a deal, and then consider if you want to buy cruise ship insurance. We hope you’re excited for your upcoming cruise vacation! Comment below on where you’re going and if you usually buy vacation insurance.