10 Things Not To Do On A Cruise Vacation

Whether it’s your very first time cruising or you’re an expert of the oceans, cruise lines may be a bit difficult to decode. The largest cruise ships are like floating towns, filled with cafes, clubs, live performances, day spas, and other perks to enjoy on your venture. With that being said, it’s easy to get sucked into the endless range of options, meaning you can kill time and money on some costly gimmicks if you don’t know any better. Follow this particular advice on what not to do, and your next cruise vacation will be a truly relaxing adventure. Here is a great list of 10 things not to do on a cruise vacation.

1. Don’t Overindulge on the Specialty Eating EstablishmentsNorwegian Breakaway Dining

Recently, a growing number of celebrity gourmet chefs have entered the gangway, putting together sea-based branches of their land-based empires, and the effects are decidedly mixed. The fanfare and price (averaging about $30–$40 each for a 3 course meal) of many of these meals do not always equal the worth provided. Why spend up to $40 when the food selections at the included eateries are equally as economical? The primary dining-room is included in the traditional fare and offers a revolving menu, often with big-ticket choices, for example, seafood night and filet mignon. Shockingly, you’ll find the quality on par with the specialty dining establishments and a standard of service met throughout the ship. While a night or 2 in a specialty restaurant provides a nice change of surroundings, don’t waste too much money going to all of them.

2. Don’t Schedule Spa Treatments on the Ship

The initial day on the cruise is always the craziest for the spa, as dozens of passengers attempt to schedule massages, facial treatments, and other specialized treatments. Research the spa’s services and make your reservation early, just before arriving on the ship, to ensure placement and avoid the long line that forms at the reception area. If you’re shopping for some extended relaxation for the duration of your voyage, go with a spa pass, but because quantities are limited, make the reservation before boarding.

3. If a Concert is Sold Out, Don’t WorryNorwegian Breakaway Rock of Ages

You can only plan so much on a sea trip before it starts to feel chaotic. With main stage comedy shows, concerts, and Broadway-style performances on-ship, most cruise lines reinforce you to reserve your spot beforehand, usually requiring guests to stand in long lines to book. Bask in knowing that for all of these must-see events, being spontaneous is encouraged with a standby line that forms about thirty minutes prior to curtain. These temporary lines are practically a guarantee into the night’s entertainment, as a large portion of those who have reserved their spot are absences. Because you didn’t book in advance; relax and grab a cocktail in the queue, don’t fret.

4. Don’t Be Fooled By the Exercise Center

The fitness facilities on cruise lines often feature high-grade workout equipment and panoramic views of the water. It’s good to take note that the instructors available are there to sell the cruise’s health products. Stay skeptical of the health regimes and any sort of trick to a much healthier being. The major goal is get you to invest in very expensive health programs that often tout extreme weight-loss and wellness through natural herbal dietary supplements. Invest your cash on a fitness class instead and save your skepticism for a local trainer or nutritional expert.

5. Don’t Skip Breakfast in the MorningCruise Ship Breakfast

Throughout your excursion, the best way to arrange for a wake-up call is to call for room service the night prior – this will be on a printed menu to and you will have the ability to specify specialty requests. Your custom omelet and fresh baked sweets start the day off the right way as you’re awoken by a knock on your cabin door. Note that room service is cut off the morning of arrival at your last port. When you arrive at your last destination, take note of the breakfast choices and seize the opportunity for one last meal. You can’t take any food off the ship, per customs regulations, so be sure to devour enough while you’re still on the ship.

6. Don’t Restrict Yourself to Shore Excursions

Colorful leaflets and brochures fill each ship with beautiful excursions that promise adventure, exploration, and discovery within the span of several hours. Often costly and underwhelming, it’s usually the beach tours that vary widest in value. While all ports are exceptional, many in the Caribbean dock a few miles from the more famous beaches. Look for the sand on your own accord with the help of a locally governed cab, lined up at the port for a fragment of the cost of a guided tour (and be sure to make plans with your driver for a return ride after your fun ends). It is vital to note that when you buy into the formal cruise excursions, the cruise doesn’t depart until you’re on board– not the same policy when you venture off by yourself. Just be sure to keep an eye on the time and anticipate rush hour traffic.

7. Don’t Shop in Port ShopsCruise Port Shops

Brought to life upon the cruise ship’s arrival, port cities thrive on the 1000s of tourists that leap off the vessel crying out for fine jewelry, gifts, and a taste of local bargaining. Well-tread salesmen know the ropes and have a predisposition for fabricating truths to make the sale. For the best bargains on gifts and local goods, avoid the inner-port outlets, as their premium rent costs are passed on to the potential customer. Find stalls and shops in the town hall for a wider variety of genuine goods at reduced prices.

8. Don’t Leave Your Balcony Door Open

It’s nice to have a balcony in your room– you can absorb the sunrise and sunset, enjoy room service waterside, and get the very best views of the day’s port in privacy. When you’re not in the cabin or when you’re going to sleep for the night, make sure you shut your balcony door. The lull of the waves might be tough to resist, there is a real risk in leaving the doors open as pests, lousy weather, and wind tunnels can be dangerous. It’s an industry specification that balcony doors remain shut for those reasons, aside from preventing wasted energy.

9. Don’t Play BingoCarnival Cruise Bingo

Age-old cruise endeavors such as shuffleboard, table tennis, and hot tubs remain steadfast musts on every cruise ship. A word to the pennywise: Many cruise ship’ bingo affairs have lost their attraction. Welcoming a new era of highly advanced gaming, many cruise ships have installed electronic bingo game cards that operate automatically. With the machine taking control of your board, the players listlessly sit there, anticipating their machine to alert them of a winning card. Effortless, and remarkably pricey per game, you’re better taking the cash you’d invest in bingo and playing it in the casino, where there’s the high-tech slot and a lively atmosphere machines grow more interactive by the year.

10. Don’t Get Your Teeth Whitened

Among the various enticing spa treatments that are standard on every voyage, watch out for the teeth-whitening package deals that vow to brighten your smile. There’s guesswork over their effectiveness, but more importantly, the bleach used can affect your gums’ sensitivity for a couple days after the treatment. With endangered gums, cruise enjoyment plummets as the endless food options become painful to eat. If you’re trying to find a quick cosmetic fix at the spa, go with one of the eyebrow specialists to transform your face, or a spray tan that will supply a healthy-looking base for your skin.

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