Top 10 Norwegian Cruise Line Tips and Tricks

In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks that are specific to the Norwegian Cruise Line. With these Norwegian Cruise Line tips and tricks, you’ll learn how to save money on your next NCL cruise vacation.

Norwegian Cruise Line Tips and Tricks

1. Sign Up for the NCL Newsletter

Sign up for the NCL newsletter to make sure that you are notified of special offers. Norwegian sends out frequent emails which include any available discount, bonus or deal available. Norewgian frequently runs “Free at Sea” offers. These offers can included the unlimited beverage package, free Wi-Fi, or even savings on specialty dining. Pairing the free at sea offers with other promotions can lead to huge savings on your cruise.

2. Take Advantage of Norwegian’s Freestyle Cruising

Norwegian’s Freestyle cruising has some perks in that it is not as formal as the standard approach to cruising. Instead of having to be at a restaurant at a particular time, you can go whenever you like. You can check Norwegian’s TVs on the ship to see what time each restaurant is open and how long of a wait time there is at each restaurant. Most of the time you can make a reservation if you know a particular time that you want to eat. This is very helpful if you are in a large group.

3. Bring Your Own Bottle of Wine

Norwegian Cruise Line allows you to bring one 750 ml bottle of wine with you upon boarding your cruise ship. There is a $15 corking fee involved if you bring your own bottle. Just wine is allowed and no other type of alcohol is permitted.

4. Mid-Week Laundry Promos

Sometimes Norwegian runs mid-week laundry promotions. If you packed light for your cruise, this can be a big help. There isn’t always a laundry promo but it’s worth looking out for.

5. Get a Free Commemorative Pin

If you are a Latitudes Rewards member, you can get a free commemorative pin on your cruise. These pins are available by request only so make sure to request one if you are interested in getting one.

6. Free Body Wash and Shampoo

If you don’t require a certain brand of body wash or shampoo, Norwegian supplies free body wash and shampoo in the dispenser of your shower.

7. Embarkation Day Specials

Norwegian generally offers embarkation day specials. These embarkation day specials usually involve a discount at the spa or at the specialty dining restaurants.

8. Make a Reservation Well in Advance Online

If there’s a show or restaurant you really don’t want to miss, make a reservation well in advance online, or you might miss out. Rock of Ages is an awesome full length Broadway show that we would recommend checking out. Make sure to get to the show early if you want good seats.

9. Bring a Large Reusable Cup for Drinking

It is a good idea to bring a large reusable cup for drinking, as the glasses and cups that Norwegian provides you with are very small.

10. Garden Café Seating

The Garden Café has seating and the same food service on both the starboard and port sides. Usually one side is far less crowded than the other. Take a look around before you choose a table or decide wait in line. The Garden Café is usually very crowded for breakfast so it’s worth checking out the other restaurants around breakfast time.

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